The Runday Shag

Issue 2520

Date:        5 May 2024

Hare:        No Nookie & Shit for Brians

Venue:     Chobham Common

On On:     The Surrey Cricketers


  It is not possible to set an original trail for Surrey on Chobham Common, but No Nookie and Shit For Brains did set an interesting one.  There was a variant at the start; when we begin northwards, we usually go further before turning, so the first check had an unexpected solution.  This brought us to the usual roundabout, rather dangerous for runners, and the usual path south, and so forth.  Speaking of brooms, today the broom was in brilliant colour, outdoing its prickly rival gorse.  Well, it is spring, and the sun shone on our morning.  The checks were solved so swiftly that I asked my companions if we should ever see the front runners again; this question was resolved by a sip-stop, with very elegant drinks on offer. This was on a part of the Common beloved of Petal, at the summit of the only steep hill for miles. I noticed that the handles of those with me, Belcher, Blunder, Bonn Bugle, were alliterative, and reflected that of my own handle I can these days claim only the B with any confidence.  Though the pace was brisk enough; we covered 7 Km in 70 minutes, sip-stop included (well, the front runners took less, but they were not then that far ahead).  No Nookie came round with us; at one point she admitted with disarming candour that we were not checking at that moment, there was simply no flour. In fact we all knew where to go, to the customary tunnel, Chunderos in full voice to test the echo (yes, there were other children with us today), and so to the customary road-crossing and the On In, Atalanta overtaking us at the very last moment.  The solutions to the checks were often quite far away; all credit to Dr Death for resolutely pressing on and so solving one of the furthest.

  The Circle began early, once Bonn Bugle had decided where to set up the table, and went on so long that even Body Shop, doing his own thing, joined us before the end.  The GM distributed cans of lager to her committee, for holding the fort in her long absence; our new RA Bigfoot came up with variant versions of the usual song, taking his victims in small groups. The pack included his wife Missing in Action and their son, new to hashing – and at his age of course very fast, and already confident enough to join the repartee which enlivens our Circles.

  Newspapers in this country are coy about their stance 115 years ago when Votes for Women was an issue. Only one paper was then supportive (yes, the very one many of you abjure) and none at all approved of suffragette tactics. Nobody seems to ask whether their change of stance – which paper would now object to letting women vote? – means that there are subjects now where prevailing attitudes, such as hostility to asylum seekers, may come to seem hopelessly wrong. I should in fairness mention that the Times is more up front about its stance on votes for women than say the Telegraph, Mail or Express; I am impressed that Rupert Murdoch allows the Times to take stances he assuredly does not share. Journalists often do not share the views of their editors; my son tells me that Guardian writers struggle to find the prose suitable for Sun Readers, while Sun journalists find it easy to write Guardian articles. I suppose though this is more a matter of finding styles and language than of ideology.

  On On, FRB

Letters to the Editor

Anon has been busy this week!

Dear Editor,

  I feel I must write in response to a letter by UG in your last publication of the RS [2519].  Hares are generally a modest bunch, rarely do they blow their own trumpet on the merits of their trail, but sadly there is an exception and UG feels the need to trumpet his skill at trail laying, through the media of your RS publication.

  However, before we accept this claim, let us examine the facts. ‘His’ trail [2515] needed the combined brains of THREE experienced hashers [Raffles Mrs G and UG], the area was not exactly original, Thursley, having been hashed numerous times with every path and direction predictable.  True there were no proper short cuts but that was a fault of the topography rather than the skill of the hares.  As to keeping the pack together, it can be achieved easily by deception rather than skill, as in their case, by leading the pack up trails which petered out with no check mark or check circles with trail marks from it in all directions, leading to utter confusion and delay.

  In short, if you want an example of the perfect trail, look no further than 2509!


Sir – Overheard at the Sip Stop…

Petal – This isn’t very near to the end.
Chunderous – Perhaps there’s a second sip stop!
SFB – No there isn’t.
Chunderos – Can I have another couple of drinks then?!


P, as Sister Anna has given pictures and commentary on her 50% of the Hash Charities I think I better do the same as some of the more cynical may think I have run off with the money or don’t care a shit about my half. Therefore attached is the most recent Blog of this Charity. You will see it covers both pictures and commentary. Feel free to extract and include in the RS or alternatively include a link to the actual Blog


UG  [Ed – do read the blog – recommended]

From a friend’s e-mail signature 20 years ago:
Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.

She was ahead of her time!

Blasts from the past, courtesy of FRB. 
Trip to Champagne (mid ’90’s?)

Some pictures

Many more pictures are available here (Google) or here (Dropbox).  You will see that there were a lot of down-downs!

Other stuff

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