The Runday Shag

Issue 2527

Date:        23 June 2024

Hare:        Bounder

Venue:     Lea Coach Road, Witley

On On:     The Star

Surrey H3 runs on its stomach!

  Put up your hand if you ran the whole trail? Oh that would be Kelinchi then?  So it was The Boundah’s annual hurrah, with the Hair Razor forgetting that Boundah has been annually barred from setting runs with many of us remembering Caterham wreckages.  However today, the pack were buoyed by a hare talk which included him announcing he had in fact laid flour – but was going to go on the walking trail where there was no flour – yet! The pack confidently ran to the first check even without FRB showing where the on out was, then the debacle unfolded.  Each possibility was checked at least three times until one of our North Hants visitors found On On, then came to the next check which equally confounded us.  Poor Growler had to pop out of a bush to show us the direction in case we never got to her sip stop. Boundah had sent us amongst thorns and undergrowth to avoid black top avoiding the wrath of UG.  The pack lurched back and forth giving our front runners of the day, Big Foot, Mee Sing (in action), Atalanta and Yellow Peril a workout for their money.   At a point where several of us got out our phones to check the possibilities of crossing the A3, Atalanta pronounced that the hare had laid intelligent checks and Le Pro followed by announcing that it was the pack’s fault for not finding the solutions while Fleur D’Or mused that she had never seen so many confused faces.

  What we did not miss were the SS signs which led us on a convoluted but very welcome path to fizz and food laid on by Growler. After this most of us sauntered back and I came across a stressed Twinkletoes who refused to follow the pack through prickles and nettles.  Using the phone we managed to find the out trail to guide us in, to find Master Bates celebrating his birthday with a teeming trestle table of temptation.  The pack did not seem to mind that the GM was one of the last back as they were busy enjoying MB’s goodies (!) There was a big confab and showing of Strava, OS and Apple maps to agree where we had indeed gone.  Thanks to Kelinchi, who we think completed it all, we got a fairly accurate picture, confirmed by the Boundah later, that we apart from a lot of to-ing and fro-ing we were mainly right.

  At the circle, our visitors from CRAP hash, North Hants (plentiful) and David from Ireland were greeted, followed by a down down to the hare for what most of us in the end agreed, was NOT a Caterham type run, and after a bumpy start was an enjoyable run, with back checks to confound us, there was indeed flour and just needed the front runners to run further to find it, keeping the pack together.  The RA was celebrating Midsummers Day, St Johns Day (we should have brought him gifts as he was a John).  National Porridge Day (Le Pro), National Pink Day, (Atalanta, Mrs G, Veggie Queen) and National Lady Engineers Day (Mee Sing). Happy Birthday to The Boundah and MB, the candles on their combined birthday cake would start a forest fire.

  The On Inn was The Star in Witley, a most welcoming pub with plenty of space and a lovely garden, some went to another Star and were not to be seen again (CL?). It was then On Inn Inn to Growler and Boundah’s for drinks, sumptuous nibbles and Thai curries where we could sit in the sunshine and admire the beautiful

Boundless hare

garden.  A big thank you to The Boundah and Growler for the run and very generous hospitality and MB for his birthday feast.

  On on

  Bonn Bugle


Advertorial received…

Dear Hash On Secs, 

I’m attaching my upcoming Art Exhibition details and request if you could send out with your upcoming Newsletters?
click on image

If you can – Wonderful!

Please come along if you can we’d love to see you!

you’ll find us on STAND 52.


On n On n On n On

Vera Vomit 

Not much of an effort!  Still, there was a smorgasbord to prepare.

Pictures – Click for larger copies of these & many many more in this week’s album


Shit for Brains?

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