Bonn Bugle

Grand Mistress

Learnt her management skills in Germany and can turn you to stone with a single glance.


Joint Mistress

Seasoned committee member back after a (well-earned) rest.

Too Posh

Joint Mistress

Better to have more than one mistress.  Lucky us!


On Sec (library pic.)

Happy go lucky chap willing to fill in where necessary.  If you want something done, give it to a busy woman or RHUM.

Birthing Blanket


Most welcoming member of the mismanagement!  All reasonable offers accepted.

J Arthur

Hash Cash & Biermeister

Guards your funds in Cayman Islands accounts to ensure that they are safe from government hands.


Religious Advisor

A truly international hasher seen here at Interhash 2024 celebrating his appointment to SH3 Mismanagement!


RS Scribe

A mechanical sciences & classics scholar.  Probably more intelligent than any human.

Petal & Raffles
Petal & Raffles

Sub-editor & webmeister

The dog is more intelligent than the human he is lumbered with.


Clutcher's Mistress

Faster than a speeding bullet, takes tall buildings in her stride with a distinctively shrill call.

Uncle Gerry

Spare whotsit

Capable of leaving his stamp on any position when needed, which is most of the time.

Master Bates

Hash Cam

When not making music, he’s looking for an alternative angle.

Ms Bean
Ms Bean

Dapper Hasherie

When taking a break from counting beans and running she’ll sort out your couture.

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