The Runday Shag

Issue 2525

Date:        9 June 2024

Hare:        Kelinchi (joint with NH4)

Venue:     Hankley Drop Zone

On On:     Golden Fleece Elstead


J. Arthur, standing in very well as GM, said that Kelinchi had set many trails here – as of course have numerous others – but today succeeded in being original. This was more courtesy than accuracy – much of the trail, especially start and finish, was entirely familiar, with today an emphasis on climbing as many hills as possible. I admit we saw more of the golf course than usual.  Kelinchi came round with us, offering short cuts, though there seemed to be few takers after the first one.  Coming back to Grand Masters, Surrey has an ex GM lurking at every corner, as for example today Speedy Humper, present at the Circle, though I did not see her on the run.  It is a testimony to staying power. 

  Jolly Green Giant, as RA for North Hants, called in one of his flock for professing to be the only runner under 20, and summed up Surrey by saying in our case under 70 would be more accurate.  Speaking of Religious Advisers, Bigfoot failed us dismally today, with only one sinner, Petal, for muddling a spreadsheet so as to suggest that he, Bigfoot, was married to Stevie Blunder. An RA who checks with the vigorous enthusiasm of Bigfoot will have little chance of observing the misdemeanours of other hashers; other intended victims were absent today.  Indeed, we were outnumbered by North Hants, who apparently use the word “bastard” where we say “arsehole”.

  Today Atalanta was there from the start, and took advantage of this opportunity to go wrong at numerous checks, though of course she solved a good few others.  She and Bigfoot were the only speed merchants Surrey could offer to compete with North Hants, who are indeed much younger and fitter.  Nor do they seem to have car park hashers – I admire the fidelity of our numerous members who show up every Sunday but do not run the trail.  Today, unless I malign him, these included next week’s hare, Dr Death, our fastest walker.

  Well, walking awaits all hashers who keep going; how much do I run these days?  5% of the trail?  Allow me to put an appeal in here: my days of setting trails on my own are behind me, but I should welcome a suggestion from any of you to set a trail together.  The venue is optional.

  It is now many decades since Latin and Greek largely disappeared from our education, but the pantheon we know best is still the assembly of Greek and Roman gods, and what a disreputable, unedifying group they make!  Very much man making gods in his own image and likeness.  If we have some idea of the Norse gods it is largely thanks to Wagner – how many people can describe the gods whose names we use in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?  Thanks to our long presence in India most have heard of Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Ganesh, Kali – there are countless others of course, with Krishna a real puzzle, both an incarnation of Vishnu and also seen by some as the supreme god.  Buddhists (in theory) have no gods at all, though in practice most take on those of Hinduism, with the Lord Buddha seen as above any gods.  In Africa, where alas belief in witchcraft is still strong, traditional religions tend to emphasise the spirits of ancestors.  The Chinese never had gods, though Heaven governed people’s lives.  Like everyone else, including I suspect most Japanese, I know nothing of the many gods of Shinto; ritual and practice are far more important than doctrines or beliefs.

  On On, FRB

Letter to the editor


Maybe the Mismanagement should stay away more often!  This week we had more visitors from the past, including Jimbo who hashed with us before disappearing to Hong Kong for 25 years.  He remembers Mop Top/Bald Eagle and met his wife at a party thrown by Doug the Tub & Mrs R.

Yours, as ever,

Sir Ray Hills

Oak processionary moth

The oak processionary moth is a pest that has been found in Surrey. The caterpillar lives on oak trees and poses a risk to human and animal health.

Please note: All sightings of the oak processionary moth should be reported to the Forestry Commission immediately.

More information here.

I thought I’d put this near to our Health & Safety Guide!

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