The Runday Shag

Issue 2528

Date:        30 June 2004

Hare:        Missing in Action & Bigfoot

Venue:     Old Guildford Road, Frimley Green

On On:     Hogsback Brewery


  Atalanta had thrown a curved ball into the committee before the run by declaring that she was going away with “her favourite male.” Cue much speculation (perhaps her intention) as to who might be missing today.  As the pack gathered to set off, glances around were fruitless as many people had heeded the co-hare’s suggestion to park further up the road, so people arrived in dribs and drabs.  As the run progressed, it seemed that the answer to the question was probably…. Spud.

  The haress told us that the trail was about 4.3 miles and there were no short cuts. Looking at the trail map with hindsight, quite a lot of it was the reverse of a trail I had set last year, aided and abetted (or hindered according to your point of view) by our old friend Wally!  This trail seemed even better to me!  The haress made skilful use of small paths through the undergrowth and one mega check that had people milling over a large area, up and down, for quite some time.  Raffles and I lost so much height we decided to second-guess where the trail might go as we could hear desperate calls of “checking!”  We were almost back where we started when at last someone cried, “On on”!  Once again we encountered a hiker who wondered whether we had lost a dog called “On”!

  The hares had been very considerate to the aging demographic of SH3 as there were Portaloos dotted all around the trail.

  With one front runner away dogging and another co-haring, the pack was kept together very well and most arrived back at the “bucket” within a few minutes of each other.  Uncle Gerry was there having relied on his sat-nav rather than the co-hare’s copious directions.  As a result he arrived so late that he was just in time for a beer.  I wonder what the female navigator had to say on the way?!

  With the real RA engaged in assisting the hare, Bonn Bugle ably competed in the long and amusing oratory stakes.  Firstly, she brought in Chunderos for going the extra mile or three by being JM, RA and checking chicken. “Visitors” were welcomed in the forms of Lady Chatterley, 3/4d & Wurzel.

  Next she thanked the hares for their excellent trail and deferred to Kelinchi for comment (she thought there should be more checks).  Bonn Bugle said that the hares had heeded the Mismanagement’s request to lay harder checks to keep the pack together, and some of them were real bastards (checks not hares). She was a bit surprised to find herself behind Moonwalker, Master Bates & CL!  She had also said that if your trail is rubbish, just provide some food, so the hares had that covered too!

  Petal was caught by surprise to make some annoucements.  He woke up to mention:

  • Registration open for UK Nash Hash 2025, not far away in Twickenham
  • NH4 Magical mystery Tour (8 September), and
  • FFH (THIS COMING FRIDAY) no-one has signed up yet…

  Bonn Bugle announced that Surrey Hash will have its own Magical Mystery Tour in October.

  Chunderos took the stage and called in Petal for linking the directions to the run from his house [Ed: note to self…], Uncle Gerry for sta-nav failures, the two youngsters for good running and calling, Tosser for grabbing an alcohol free beer and then adding lemonade to it in case it was too strong, and “Saint” J Arthur for being delighted at solving a check.

  Bigfoot was seen consulting his Big Black Book, but did not get the opportunity to dish more dirt.

  Then we had a hash christening to complete the Fagin / Artful Dodger family.  After turning out his pockets, Pickpocket was named.

  We then repaired to the Hogsback Brewery.  The ever-efficient hares had reserved tables outside and the sun shone on the righteous and much fun was had by all.

On on



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