The Runday Shag

Issue 2481

Date:        6 August 2023

Hare:        Teddy Bear

Venue:     Horsham

On On:     Teddy Bear’s gaff


SH3 supplements real intelligence with some AI…

  As a relative newcomer to technology and generally inept at many things, I decided to “Bight The Bullit” and get to grips with some “Techo”.

  Having spent several hours trying to create an account on one of the “AI beasts”; misunderstanding things like: user names, passwords, confirmation by email, and all sorts of confusing terminology .. Here is the fruit of my labours:

  First the AI “improvement of above”…
As someone relatively new to the world of technology and admittedly less adept than I’d like to be, I made a conscious decision to confront this challenge head-on and dive into the realm of “Techo.” The journey began with several hours dedicated to navigating the intricacies of setting up an account on one of the formidable “AI giants.” Amidst the labyrinth of user names, passwords, email confirmations, and an array of perplexing terminology, I persevered. And now, I proudly present the culmination of my efforts:

  First the “instructions”:
Make up a 5-sentence per paragraph, 3 paragraph story about a group of elderly countryside trail runners, who went out on a trail at their usual time of 11 o’clock on Sunday, then went to the man who laid the trail’s birthday BBQ and drinks. Include a section at the end called “Cod’s Wallop” Coda with strong personal, though possibly inaccurate, views on some recent political event.

  AND got this (slightly adjusted):

 In the quaint countryside village of Horsham, a spirited group of elderly trail runners gathered every Sunday morning without fail. As the clock struck 11, their weathered sneakers hit the well-trodden path, a mosaic of vibrant wildflowers leading the way. These seasoned runners, whose ages spanned from 70 to 90, embraced the challenges of the trail with a zest for life that defied their years. This particular Sunday, however, held a double celebration in store, as it was also the birthday of Mr. Teddy Bear (we call him “TB” for short … catchy isn’t it?), the trail’s creator.

  Upon conquering the route in their usual way, the group made their way to the darling little 12th Century cottage garden, transformed into a festive haven. Balloons fluttered in the gentle breeze, and the aroma of sizzling barbecue wafted through the air. Laughter echoed as stories were shared, and glasses clinked in jubilant toasts to their beloved trail guide, TB. His eyes twinkled with gratitude as he regaled his friends with tales of the trail’s inception, weaving a tapestry of memories that spanned decades.

  As the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting a warm golden hue upon the gathering, the group of trail runners felt a sense of contentment that only nature and companionship could bring. They reminisced about the years gone by, the challenges they’d faced, and the unwavering bond that had kept them connected. It was a testament to the power of community, friendship, and the shared love for the great outdoors.

  Cod’s Wallop Coda: Now, if you ask me, that recent political spectacle was nothing short of a circus. It’s astonishing how some politicians can spin a yarn so convincingly, making folks believe they’re walking on water when they’re actually ankle-deep in mud. It’s as if reality has become a mere suggestion, a backdrop for their grand theater. I long for the days when honesty and integrity weren’t just buzzwords but guiding principles. We could use a dose of that old-fashioned common sense these trail runners possess, steering us away from the fog of misinformation and into a clearer, more truthful path forward.

  OnOn TeqAIeeeee. xx

The Hare
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