The Runday Shag

Issue 2514

Date:        24 March 2024

Hares:     RHUM & Ms Bean

Venue:     Holmbury St Mary

On On:     Village Hall


  The Village Hall of Holmbury St Mary on a sunny Palm Sunday is attractive to many non-hashers out for a stroll, and so less than ideal for our group’s most popular event.  Parking was problematic, let us say [see letter below].  And all possible trails here are well-trodden.  Today’s hares were our Joint Masters; they began with 6 checks in the first 10 minutes, 10 checks in 20, as we corkscrewed around most intriguingly.  We came to a spot which all hares here seem to choose for a check, after which their trail changed completely, to a long trip south, always on the same broad path, to the trig point which J. Arthur predicted long before we got there.

  By then the front runners were Simple, Le Pro, and One In The Eye; I should here salute the progress towards recovery of ‘IsKnees, keeping up admirably. Naturally we had to cluster for group photos at this well-hashed spot, Dissa with camera, how good to see him back! Three other very welcome returnees: Tako Bell, Country Bumpkin, and their son, now of adult height: if he has acquired a handle I have not learned it.

  The return to our hall was as uni-directional as our progress south on that broad path; naturally those in front found that they were far from the first to be sitting in sunshine awaiting Clever Trevor’s feast and enjoying a chat. The atmosphere was very pleasant indeed. And no, I could scarcely recognise any of the teenage/young adult photos on display. Well, I recognise myself in photos at that age only because I have seen them before. “The child is father to the man”; well, maybe, but what a transformation!

  There are of course advantages in choosing this village for our AGM: it is central, the hall serves our social purposes well, the surroundings are scenic and rich in gentle hills – trails on the flat are less attractive. Time to thank the officers and committee who have served the hash for another year; many of course are still in office, we need continuity as well as fresh talent. Pity therefore that the young families we welcomed during the winter did not join us today. Where are your own offspring, dear readers? We need a continuity across generations, or these annual gatherings will become part of history.

  The most famous Jew by far, greatly surpassing Abraham or Moses, was Christ. Since Christians have been prominent in anti-semitism, this may seem puzzling. It begins with the fourth gospel, hostile to Jews though its author was Jewish; we need to remember that although the earliest Christians were all Jewish, most Jews at the time could not countenance a Messiah executed as a common criminal, and did not read the Suffering Servant of Isaiah as in any way the man they expected to redeem the Chosen People from alien rule. It did not help that the early Church quickly went bankrupt, an obvious sign of failure. St Paul soon had non-Jews round much of the Mediterranean as followers of Christ – and had to insist they did not need circumcision, as those still in Jerusalem tried to say, and the rest is history. Hitler was just tapping into centuries of European hostility to Jews, with the Church at the forefront. My own parents were openly racist about people of colour, but not hostile to Jews, at a time when Eliot and Pound assumed, doubtless correctly, that such opinions were widely held. Anti-semitic violence began in York, in 1190, and has stayed in Europe ever since.

  On On, FRB

THE AGM – GM’s address

  The GM gave her State of the Hash address.  The year started at last year’s AGM which was a huge success with a live band.  There was a Real Ale outing on steam train, we celebrated 2500 runs at the Jingle Bells run and with a weekend in Bournemouth. 

 Bonn Bugle thanked the old mismanagement using the conservative tag of “hard working”.  There was a special thanks to Tequil’over who dragged SH3 into the 21st century with many hours devoted both to the mismanagements over many years and to providing a tech hub for SH3.  As he dispensed with the paper Runday Shag, his down down song was, appropriately, “Ou est le papier?”

  It would take two people to fill such large boots and the GM thanked Speedy Humper for taking on his responsibilities as OnSec and Petal as Webmeister.  [Ed: The new site and slimline communications could not have been achieved without the foregoing hard work of Teq and his much-appreciated guidance in the handover.]

Out with the old

  Then came the awards: Most Improved Flight of Foot Award went to Chunderos for coming from under the duvet to being a front runner, In It to Win It Award to Stevie Blunder, the Peter Pan of SH3; Bermuda Triangle Award (down as hare but nowhere to be seen at the beginning, the end, the circle, when co-hare gets a down down, or the pub…until lunch is served) to Cap’n Webb; Storyteller Award to Popeye; White Rabbit Award to Atalanta (late for an important date, late, late)  Blonde Curvaceous stand-in Madonna!  Muddy Boot AwardBelcher for sinking up to his butt; Tumbling Tosser – Hans der Schwanz; Biggest MouthChastity Belt; Blue Peter Award for always cobbling something together and dealing with annoying animals and hashers to Petal [did you know he was actually on Blue Peter once?] Biggest Flasher – Masterbates.  What’s the filing system for harriettes?  Boob size?  Nicest arse?

Award winners

J Arthur then presented the financial report – we’re still solvent (see headline figures in the Editor’s Inbox below).

  Then in a fitting tribute to the wonderful Clever Trevor & Terminator for once again feeding everyone with an impressive spread, including desserts and cheeses.

Hornblower channelled her inner Pam Ayres (see Ode text below) and video here.  Down downs were duly awarded.

  Then the GM introduced her new mismanagement team, welcoming Chunderos and Too Posh as the new JMs and Bigfoot (currently Down Under) as RA.

In with the New

  On on to 2024/25 and celebrating 50 years of hashing in Surrey!

Ode to Clever Trevor

The Editor's inbox is filling up!

Naughty Hash – Letter from Holmbury St. Mary

Hi Arthur, I hope your event went well on Sunday and thank you for leaving the hall in a clean position.

Regretfully, I received complaints from some residents in The Glade. Some vehicles were parked in positions that restricted access to residents’ properties, some not being able to leave their property as cars were parked in front of their access gate or garage. If the emergency services were called, they would not have been able to get through due to the parking. Also, one person was seen to be changing his clothes outside one of the properties and then urinating against their wall.

If you wish to hire our hall in the future, perhaps you can inform all visitors to be mindful of the above so that our residents are not inconvenienced and emergency vehicles have access.

Janet Kingsley
Booking Secretary
Holmbury St Mary Village Hall Trust
[Ed – we know who you were…]

And we have more entertaining blogs from Down Under BSLog6!  Report on Adelaide Hash AH3 and I love the encounter BSLog7 with the Chinese chap and his scantily clad companions!

Hash Accounts

Full accounts are available from the mismanagement if desired.  Highlights are:

Total income  £15,884   (2022-23: £14,752)

Net overspend     £474   (2022-23:      £305)

Bank balance    £6,473 (Feb 2023:   £7,217)


Comment from Uncle Gerry about Hash Chips – please send your thoughts to the editor!

  JA, nice job. Good to see finances on a sound footing despite various subsidies.
  Talking of subsidies I notice Hash Chips run to £173, or £3.32 per week. On the assumption that, on average, 20 go to the Pub this represents an individual subsidy of £0.66.
  I know that in your opinion this is an unnecessary expenditure but I would encourage you to uplift this amount, and cut back other subsidies, if for no other reason than properly feeding the Hash on a Sunday avoids the Hash going to Food Banks first thing Monday morning.
  You know if makes sense.
    ON ON.


The trail
The hares

Higher resolution versions of these  pictures and many, many more can be found at Google drive or Dropbox

COMPETITION! Can you guess which harriette was surprised by the advert (right) when booking a room on

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