The Runday Shag

Issue 2513

Date:        17 March 2024

Hare:        Speedy Humper

Venue:     Micheldever Station

On On:     The Dove

Olive Oyl’s Party Weekend

Sunday’s recovery, birthday girls’ special

 Little trusty Speedy Humper dragged herself out of bed on the morning after her OWN birthday to set a trail for the SH3 faithful.  Thankfully she decided it should be effectively a hangover run, so only 3½ miles.

  Soon we were out in the “countryside” and some of the chaps weren’t taking it very seriously.

  Of course the trail was highly innovative; essentially a rectangle:

The trail crossed one field and passed to another. Once we crossed the railway a second time there was a “short cut” back to he pub and for those wishing to take a longer trail there was a small “loop” to the side. Following the excellent night before, there were no complaints!

  Soon we were back at the pub and there was some debate over whether the down downs should be taken in what looked like someone’s garden or the station car park (the garden won).

  In a week when HMRC declared that closing its helpline for 3 months was such a success that they will now try it for 6 months here is a political comment with a difference.  Take it or leave it, but it is scarily apt!  “Yes, Minister, the empty hospital” (click to view).

The hare

  For Saturday’s trail and party see below.  We must extend a HUGE thanks to Popeye & Olive Oyl for staging a fantastic and generous weekend of celebrations.

  On On, Petal

Saturday’s bonus trail  – gifted by Popeye

  The celebratory pack minus the “good-time” folk, who arrived for the party later, gathered at the Village Hall for the Health & Safety briefing from Popeye – watch out for the owl and don’t disturb him.

  And so we set off, adorned in celebratory T-shirts,  in two different directions according to whether we were long or short.  Those of us on “long” were surprised how few we were.  Did the usual suspects not listen and just follow the herd, or perhaps I should say “flock”?  Baa.

  The GM was in charge of a little one and, unusually, was not with the hardcore element.

  The trails followed a picturesque stream and passed the village pub, before heading off into the country.  Most checks were back checks around what was the first squarish trail of the weekend.

  The owl did not oblige and was taking a daytime nap as we passed.  Then the short trail folk were seen crossing a ploughed field.  Apparently they should have merged with us onto less muddy terrain so, bogged down, they arrived at the drink/lunch stop at P&O’s after the front runners.  Popeye had pulled his pork and very nice it was too. 

A good lunch?

  Then on on again to the village pub for another celebratory lunch.

  In the evening the “good-timers” joined the rest to dance the night away to the sounds of an excellent live duo and fueled by a tasty curry.

  On On, Petal

Message from Olive Oyl

A big thank you for all those who came for the extra trail last week-end and to my 70th birthday party. We missed those of you who were not able to make it.
I am really touched by all the kind messages, FaceTimes, cards, gifts and for the whopping great cheque. I am planning on spending some of the money on an Olive tree for the garden. 🤗🌿🫒
P.S. The bottle of Bollinger will be a real treat to wet our new grandchild’s head in a few weeks. 😘🍾
On On & Love, Olive O xx


Call that a knife?

Speedy wheel cake

New colour-coordinated shoes

Petal’s alternative to a hotel room – pesky pothole.

GM in full flow

Mine host – aka RA

The birthday girls


The briefing

Saturday’s trail

Il Travolta

Nearly 100 pictures can be found at Google drive or Dropbox

Letter from The Gambia

We are fine, just one or two wrinkles today; what with the Army mutiny, President abducted, and the mob burning down the Hotel.  Still it is still 38 degrees and the beer store is still intact, so all in all not a lot to complain about.

As to setting the trail on the 31st we will stick with it, with Mrs G and Raffles agreeing to carry/lay the flour (silly me, nearly forget Petunia), and my presence to guide them to what can only be described as a genius trail, all will be fine.  In any event you do not need to look for a replacement Hare with your raging hangover.  Sorry, but my spies have already reported your bad behaviour at the OO shindig, what with you dancing on the table after 6 vodka shots before passing out and falling on the birthday cake.

Must go now.  A very large man with a AK47 is suggesting Mrs G become wife number 4!

From always interesting Africa.

And from Australia & New Zealand

  • More news from Interhash in Christchurch.  BSLog4.  I love the Dale Carnegie comment!  Wallyphobia spreads the world like COVID.

  • And from Australia… BSLog5B.  I’m afraid emulating David Brent and Frank Spencer could backfire!

Both are interesting and amusing accounts with some nice pictures.

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